Connect to the HMH Physician Portal


Requirements to access the Physician Portal


In order to adhear to security regulations access to the Physician Portal is password protected.  If you don't currently have a user name and password please fill out the Access Request Form and Confidentiality Agreement below.


Access Request Form

Confidentiality Agreement


Fax completed forms to 936-291-4365. Once we have received the form, we will create your User Account, and contact you by phone with your credentials.  If you have any questions about this process please feel free to contact the HMH ISD Help Desk at 936-435-7555.


Login Instructions


Once you have a user name and password you can click on the link following this screenshot.  You will be prompted to fill in your user name and password.


In the "User name:" field, you will need to add "HMH\" in front of your user name.  For example, if your user name is phy.zzz you will enter hmh\phy.zzz.   Then just enter you password in the "Password:" field.  Remember that Passwords are case sensitive.



Go to the Huntsville Memorial Hospital Physicians Portal.

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